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Currently on the market, handmade products are very popular and used, especially by young people. Handmade items are very diverse such as handmade cards, furniture, jewelry, decorations, etc. They are sold in many places selling handmade goods. Among them, Handmade cards are used the most by people on holidays and greetings of the year. So let’s learn about Handmade cards with HMGPOP.

1. Learn about Handmade card 

Handmade products are handmade products, products are made through many meticulous, precise and skillful stages and are combined with other materials to create the most beautiful and unique product. . Each handmade product has certain differences, especially with their own distinct beauty.

Currently, handmade products are very popular, with diverse materials on the market, because of that, handmade products are also designed by young people for business. The outstanding products include handmade cards, handmade wallets, decorations, home items, etc. The handmade products are very diverse in theme design so users can freely choose.

2. Why should you trust handmade products?

The reasons that you should use handmade products are:

Uniqueness: Handmade products are designed by you, so you will have a unique item that no one else has.
Cost savings: Certainly handmade items will cost much cheaper than buying things outside the store. Because of that, young people love to make their own handmade things.
Ingenuity: Making handmade items will increase the dexterity of your hands, which helps you in everything that requires ingenuity and meticulousness.

3. Materials when making 3d Handmade cards and Handmade products

With the popularity and popularity of handmade goods, the materials for making handmade items are increasingly diverse and richer from simple ingredients to specialized ones.

Fabrics: fabrics that are easy to use to make handmade items such as felt fabrics, felt fabrics, cross stitch embroidered fabrics or fur fabrics, etc.
Kraft paper: The kraft paper pattern does not have a variety of colors but the thickness of the paper is suitable for making handmade items. Is the preferred choice for making products such as bags, 3d handmade cards, containers, ..

Wool yarn, sedge, jute: One of the familiar techniques to create handmade products is knitting and crocheting. Wool yarn, sedge, jute with diverse characteristics and colors have richly transformed in every detail, whether small or large.
Wood: Although it is not a material for easy handling, wood is still very popular, trusted and used for designing architectural and decorative items. Requires users to spend a lot of effort, meticulous and skillful to design. Products made from wood are very popular with people, often used to make decorations, 3D embossed handmade cards, models of all kinds, ..
Nuts, buttons: Stone, plastic, beads or maybe buttons are specialized materials for designing and decorating handmade cards. Especially that material is used to design handmade bracelets.
Leather fabric, leather strap: Recently, the trend of making leather accessories is in vogue. With a variety of colors and types to choose from. Handmade leather goods bring their own uniqueness, full of personality.

4. Business location and 3d handmade card design

3D cards are becoming more and more popular and are chosen as gifts for special occasions. 3D cards are not only creative, breaking out of the traditional mold that ordinary cards have. When receiving a 3D card, the recipient will be surprised at the miniature images inside the card that suddenly appear, giving a realistic and beautiful look. Choosing 3D cards for gifts is a great choice.
Today, there is no shortage of reputable 3D card companies in the market. HMG is proud to be one of the leading units, a pioneer in the production and distribution of 3D card products. HMG always ensures to put customer satisfaction first. HMG provides you with the most beautiful 3D card templates, quality from design to reasonable price. HMG’s 3D card making materials are all imported from abroad such as Germany, Italy, France… to ensure that the card is always firm, not broken during transportation. The 3D card model at HMG is also very unique, catching up with the trend, giving consumers more choices. HMG provides 3D cards for every occasion of the year such as New Year greeting cards, Vu Lan Mother’s Day cards, 3D Christmas cards… HMG accepts all ideas of customers and makes the prettiest cards. . The staff at HMG are always enthusiastic, attentive and professionally trained, providing the best shopping experience. Thanks to the application of advanced laser cutting technology and a skilled creative team, the most satisfactory card designs are guaranteed.


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